Shirehampton Book of Remembrance

In Remembrance to the Fallen of the Shirehampton & Avonmouth areas of Bristol

To Honour the Fallen of the Parish of St Mary's Shirehampton

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The War Memorial at Shirehampton is located to the east of the village close to the golf course. A tall stone monument, (originally with a fleury cross), it lists the names of fifty-eight men who died in The First World War. The small stone flower holder at the foot of the memorial being presented by the Women?s Section of Shirehampton & District British Legion.

St Mary?s church, Shirehampton, was opened in 1930, the first church being built in 1844 but was destroyed by fire in 1928, inside the church a new war memorial was installed in the form of a window featuring Christ on the Cross surrounded by Roman soldiers. This window was a gift from the Revd. Clement William Dixon, vicar at St Mary?s 1920-1949, and it bears the same fifty-eight names as shown on the stone memorial. Originally positioned over the altar, the window was removed to its present position over the main entrance at the west end of the church in 1962. The window now forms the Parish memorial for both world wars; the names are shown in panels to the left and right of the central light.

Within St Mary?s churchyard are three family graves which mention the names of soldiers killed in the First World War, also in Shirehampton Cemetery are twenty two Commonwealth War Graves along with names on family plots, this information can be found in this book.

Within St Andrews church, Avonmouth there are three plaques dedicated to the Fallen, they give the names of both First and Second World war victims

This Book of Remembrance attempts to link all those from The Parish of St Mary?s who gave the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars, and hopes to give information to any living relatives still in the Shirehampton area whose relations are included in this book.

Images of some off the Army units and all Ships (Royal Navy & Merchant Navy), Aircraft, Axis forces (U-boats, shipping & aircraft) can be found in the photo section,

Wargraves and Memorials are also to be found in the photo section.


During the two world wars of the 20th Century both men and women from the parish of St Mary?s, Shirehampton, Avonmouth & Westtown, have fought and died for their country. They have fought on the oceans, on land and in the air, from the frozen wastes of The Atlantic to the burning jungles of Burma, in the air over Germany and in land battles the world over.


The battles in which they fought are now legendary, on the highs seas men of the Royal Navy and Merchany Navy were fighting at Jutland, Norway, The Mediterranean and the Atlantic and Far East. The Army and Royal Marines fought at the Somme, Ypres, Gallipoli, Dunkirk, El Alamein, Dieppe, Italy, Normandy, Germany and the Far East. In the skies the RAF fought not only over England during The Battle of Britain but also taking the fight to the ememy over the Ruhr, Berlin and in support of the D-day landings.


Women too have eared their place in this Book of Remembrance, not only those who fought along side their male colleagues but also those who lost their lives on the Home Front.

In the pages that follow this text are listed those men and women of Shirehampton, Avonmouth, Sea Mills and Westtown, (The Parish of St Mary?s church) who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their country and who should quite rightly be:


Compiled by Steve Fell


All  residents from Shirehampton, both living and deceased

whos' information was invaluable  


Australian Government Archives, Bristol City Council, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, John Dann, friend and invaluable assistant, Fleet Air Arm Museum,  RNAS Yeovilton, Derek Jarrett, Pirton, Hertfordshire, The London Gazette Archives, Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington

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